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About Anchor3G


To be recognised as an advanced premier designer and supplier of highly integrated lift / elevators in the areas of home, villa, Office, hospital etc, and in the delivery of superior quality erection, maintenance and services.


Prepare the new generation of skilled and ethical professional in the elevator field by providing continuous onsite and offsite training and education that prepares them with hands on experience to compete in the diverse elevator world market.


Impart excellent training to all sales, marketing and installation staff and provide them knowledge and also empower them with time to time exposure on in-house cutting edge design and technologies to prepare them to provide solutions to anyone anywhere at any time.

Anchor3G Built in Safety Features

Emergency Rescue Device

Anchor3G built in ARD-UPS Will bring the elevator to the nearest floor and allow the passengers for safe evacuation. The lift will resume normal operation on receiving power from main supply.

Fire Safety

Lift will be parked on pre‚Äźdestined floor at the time of fire safety switch is activated. It can be used by fire fighters only from the cabin for evacuation activity [optional].

Earthquake Safety

When a wave seismic sensor is activated, the lift will stop at the nearest floor with the doors open to facilitate the safe evacuation of passengers.

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